Use Your Voice for Peace In Ukraine

The global business community, your employers, have a critical role to play in bringing about a viable peace in Ukraine.

Over 750 of the world’s largest businesses, from every corner of the world and every type of business, showed solidarity with Ukraine as they left Russia when the war started. But too many companies continute to make money from a Russian market "flooded with [Ukrainian] blood."

It’s time for the global business community to say with one voice that they will not fund Putin's war. It's time for companies to pull out of Russia and to make clear they will not consider reversing that decision until and unless a set of conditions for a ‘minimum viable peace’ are met.

You personally have a critical role to play. Please, take a moment to post on social, to privately email or to message your employer to show you support their decision to leave Russia, and to ask them to sign up to our terms for a ‘minimum viable peace’ to exist before they consider any return.

Together we can make that peace more likely and moves towards it more urgent. You have the power to help.

Please, use it.

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The Letter

These are dangerous, unsettling times. As businesses which had, until recently, enjoyed operating in Russia, we believe we have a role to play in helping to bring about a safer, more secure, more prosperous future for everyone.

Though we are a group of very different businesses, operating in different ways, we left together, and for the same reasons. Likewise, today we have come together to agree what we see as a ‘minimum viable peace’ that would allow for us to consider a return to Russia.

To satisfy that ‘minimum viable peace’ we need three criteria to be met:

Firstly, for Russian military forces to withdraw from Ukrainian territory.

Secondly, for an independent body to be permitted to investigate potential war crimes.

Finally, for an independent media to be allowed to operate freely in Russia, and for its output to be available to all Russians.

These are challenging times and they call for clarity, so we are collectively making clear that only under these circumstances would we consider returning, re-opening, resuming the activities that matter to our customers, colleagues and partners in Russia.

We hope to be back soon.

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Below is a list of companies who have already reduced or halted their business in and with Russia in response to Putin's actions. Select one from the list and then click the "Tweet" button to ask them to sign on to this letter.

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